Your Exclusive Italian Wedding with Rosa

Rosa Tritto was born and raised in Italy. She attended university in her home country and after graduation she worked with families and children in crisis. Although she felt that she was helping people, she found it difficult to encounter so much pain each day. So she started thinking about how she can use her uniques skills and talents to help people in their happy moments.

That’s when she thought of Italy luxury wedding planning as a possible career choice. She didn’t waste any time and studied with one of the foremost wedding planners in Italy. Her natural love of planning and organization joined forces with her newly tapped creativity and design skills to propel her on to a promising career in wedding and event planning.

Rosa xo

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves all at the same time."

Thomas Merton

Now Rosa lives in New York with her husband, Nicola, who is a bespoke travel guide. They bring an authentic Italian flavor to their destination weddings and events that cannot be replicated by a non-native. They intimately know the nuances of the cities and regions in Italy and can recommend the best venues and vendors to suit a couple’s individual needs for their Italy luxury wedding perfectly.

Rosa is passionate about creating that perfect romantic ambience that will forever remain in the hearts of the couples she meets and works with. She loves seeing the smiles of her thrilled couples after they experience her perfectly planned and executed luxurious Italian destination wedding experience. She has fulfilled her dream of working to make others’ dreams come true.

Today Rosa is a rising star on the Italian wedding planning landscape, known for her unique and exquisite design instincts and her unstinting dedication to a positive client experience on both sides. She inspires trusts and her clients fulfill that trust.

Rosa Tritto wedding planning is a bespoke design and delivery dream for any couple who is looking to be indulged and cared for with an Italy luxury wedding plan all the way to that special day of sweet celebration and beyond.


Rosa Tritto is a premium wedding planner based in Manhattan, New York.  


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